Ultimate 2017 Word Count Goal Complete

A lot of words


New high score.

Last year, I wrote roughly 75,000 words total. So at the beginning of this year, I set that number as my goal to beat. I have to admit, while my intention had been to reach this sooner than April, a part of me didn’t expect to make it at all. So high five to me! This is the most I’ve ever written in just three-ish months. It’s also the most I’ve written within the span of one year.

Target destroyed, my dudes. Here’s to seeing how much I’ll have written by the end.

This progress tracker is from mywriteclub.com, which is a neat and simple tool for keeping up with your writing progress. It doesn’t just track your words, but also scenes, chapters, pages, lines, etc. If you, like me, get a high from watching that progress bar go up, check it out. And if you, like me, would care to have a writing buddy/cheerleader, look me up here.

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