Third 2017 Writing Goal Complete

A graphic depiction of many slain words

Yeah, this might be starting to seem kind of silly. Why am I posting updates about my writing progress every 25,000 words, at a rate of about once a month?

Because this is the only reward I’m getting for writing this many freaking words for the first time in my life. It’s a gold star to myself. I’m type A and I need those gold stars. Thrive on them. If I don’t give myself some recognition for my tiny accomplishments, who will?

Also, I bought myself a couple of these, one for work and one for my desk at home:

A Fidget Cube from AliExpress

So I made it to 75,000 words. It took me three days past my intended deadline this time, but I still made it once again. I’ve never written this much on any single piece.

Contrary to what NaNoWriMo would have me believe about how 50,000 words is a complete novel, this sucker is probably only halfway done. Granted, it’s a sprawling, crawling mess right now because I don’t always know where it is I’m going. I just know I have to write to get there. It’s a lot more than I need for the plot that I’ve got and Stephen King and probably Dan Harmon would be ashamed of me. A lot of this precious word count will be cut out in the end and I’ve already started daydreaming about where I can trim and tighten up, streamline it a bit.

But not yet. Not yet.


This progress tracker is from, which is a neat and simple tool for keeping up with your writing progress. It doesn’t just track your words, but also scenes, chapters, pages, lines, etc. If you, like me, get a high from watching that progress bar go up, check it out. And if you, like me, would care to have a writing buddy/cheerleader, look me up here.

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