Sugar Friends: An Excerpt from Sara Fuller’s Autobiography

By Sara Fuller

ˈshu̇-gər ˈfrend noun. One attached to another by shared love of sweets. Usually sugar friends take turns supplying sweets.

How the fuck do I still work here? I am a millennial, we don’t stay at one job for too long. Now I have been here for over 5 years. At least I have work friends, some of whom are also sugar friends. Today I brought in some Sour Patch Kids and need to let Summer know. I dial her extension and hear her answer as “Queen of Chaos.”

“I brought candy.”

“I’ll be right there.”

She comes over to my desk and asks where the Sour Patch Kids were made – we eat enough to know they taste different from different places. Somehow we can talk forever about anything, including how candy production facilities manufacture slightly different tasting products.

Although our lives growing up were nothing alike, and our present lives for that matter, we somehow have similar personalities and hobbies. We like sarcasm, dark humor, cursing, the colour black, each other’s glasses, reading, astronomy, and so much more. But we have our differences, too. She is more independent, self-assured, creative, and motivated than me. She is shorter than me, but I forget that because she is professional as fuck and wears heels to work. And she can speak up in situations where I sit quietly.

I try to learn from others, which sometimes is how to avoid parenting like the crazy people at the store, but other times it means taking notes from Summer on how to confidently argue and reading all of her book suggestions.

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