Writing Life: First Rejection Letter

Rejection Letter

I have had, I would say, the unusual experience of receiving an acceptance letter before getting a rejection letter (as opposed to stunning, echoing silence in response to various queries). Yet you can’t win them all, so here is my first rejection letter, from Dark Regions Press for their Deserted Island contest.

Writers receive piles of these. Stephen King even pontificates on the massive number of his in On Writing. So many writers have brought up their experiences with rejection letters, the meaningfulness, the implication that the struggle continues, that I knew I wouldn’t feel bad when I eventually received mine. There will be more. But you know what that means?

I’m writing. I’m submitting. I’m trying.

Maybe, eventually, there will be another acceptance letter instead. This particular missive is going into a special folder in my file cabinet, then it’s back to work.

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