Spooktober 2022 Day 7: Monster

Content warning: none apply

Sirens blared as I stalked along outside the palisade of your fortified village. Mist wreathed my horns and the ground trembled beneath my many-toed feet. My two tails lashed at the noise. Your little monster warning. Telling everyone to get behind your toothpick walls.

To hide from me.

But my presence portended a much greater danger. One your pathetic human eyes could not detect. As the sharp shadows crept in, the last of your number pulled the gates closed.

Satisfied with my work, I settled before the gate, nostrils steaming. No one could leave.

And nothing else could get inside.

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Little Blue Marble 2022: Warmer Worlds

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The last eight years have been the warmest on record.

Little Blue Marble‘s anthology of speculative climate fiction and poetry from an international slate of authors mourns and hopes in equal measure for the fate of our world and its ecosystems.

May these visions of the future inspire collective action before climate chaos becomes irreversible.


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