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Flash fiction, book reviews, writing advice, and author updates. Occasionally, I update on my personal writing progress and goals for my original fiction projects, like short-stories and novels. The fiction falls under fantasy and lite horror; book reviews cover fantasy and science-fiction; and my writing tips spring from personal experience.

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S.G. Baker


I am S.G. Baker. Writer. Reader. Explorer. Dreamer. I make up stories about the whimsical and the weird, and I edit other people’s words just for the satisfaction.

Sometimes I travel and sometimes I explore ruins. Other times I stargaze or play Dungeons & Dragons (and other TTRPGs). When I’m not writing original fiction or blog posts, I write fanfiction about my favorite stories.

Right now, I live in my childhood home on the plains of the Texas Panhandle, weaving wonder out of a patch of flat earth and sheer gumption. I share my life with my partner as well as two cats with seven legs between them.

I like to fix things.



In loving memory of Trinket, the best dog in the world. 4/14/19

3 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hello,

    I noticed that on each of your blog posts, there is a part that shows the approximate time it will take to read the post. I have for some time been looking for a way to add this to my blog but have found no helpful results; how did you put it in?


    1. Hey ikwords,

      That feature came with the theme I use for the website now. While on the personal level plan, I was using the Twenty Sixteen theme for a couple of years, as I didn’t like any of the other free themes available. I have no idea if the free themes may have this option now; you could look through what’s there to find out for sure.

      When I upgraded my plan to premium at the beginning of June, that unlocked premium plans for me. A few of the options available had the ‘minutes to read’ feature including this theme, which is part of why I chose it.

      So I would suggest looking through the themes you have available to you to see if any of them already have that feature. Alternatively, if you have a Business level plan or higher, you may be able to activate this feature as a plug-in. I would check WordPress’s help center to find out all your options.

      1. Thanks so much for the response. I did see that it was a plugin but I’m not looking to have a Business plan, not yet at least. I didn’t think of the fact that it might come with a theme. I’m quite happy with my current theme so I think I can live without a Reading Time section 😛 but thank you so much for the ideas!

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