Spooktober 2022 Day 25: Storm

Your storm windows stood no chance of protecting you, even though you’d had them specially made from steel. Readying for the storm you knew would come. 

I watched you install them. And you felt me watching, I know. You prepared and I lurked. Waiting for atmospheric turbulence. Wind shear. Moisture. 

Cold air aloft.

Spooktober 2022 Day 20: Cobweb

A single long cobweb hung from the ceiling where I’d lowered myself down at your side. It swayed in a breeze blowing through the door you’d left open in your haste to flee. My cobweb reached almost to the footstool where you’d sat, but didn’t quite reach. 

You’d knocked me flying when you’d jumped up.

Spooktober 2022 Day 17: Soul

To this day, I’m still looking for your soul. You lost it during that one game of hide and seek, remember? I don’t know what happened exactly, because you were hiding and I was seeking, and you broke cover before I found you.

But you came from the direction of that old barn where we weren’t supposed to play.