#Spooktober2020 Day 11: Wraith

I had felt the touch of the wraith for some time when I went to visit a psychic. "When do I die?" I asked her. The woman - I had forgotten her name already - gave me a funny look. "Just, y'know, do your little crystal ball thing and tell me." I waved my fingers … Continue reading #Spooktober2020 Day 11: Wraith

#Spooktober2020 Day 10: Resurrectionist

I snatched your body from the jaws of death when I exhumed you from the dirt. Your soul, though, I'm not so sure of. You returned to consciousness screaming. "Let me go baaaaaack!" Maybe I shouldn't have resurrected you in the graveyard. "Shhh!" Scrabbling across your own grave dirt, you crawled toward your open coffin, … Continue reading #Spooktober2020 Day 10: Resurrectionist