#Spooktober2020 Day 5: Sigil

On day five after my parents took away my depression medication, I sat in class staring listlessly. Everything my teacher said about the lesson slammed against the wall in my brain blocking out my will. I heard none of it. Cared even less. Upon the inside of my arm, I copied out fragments of sigils … Continue reading #Spooktober2020 Day 5: Sigil

#Spooktober2020 Day 2: Asylum

"Please, you have to help us! They're coming!" My screams made the humans encircling us flinch. Several projectile weapons rose, prodding me back toward the middle and our stolen space cruiser. They shrank away, glancing up at the red, boiling clouds above. Clasping three-fingered hands together, I hit my knees in the green grass. "Please..." … Continue reading #Spooktober2020 Day 2: Asylum