Mattie McAlavy: On S.G. Baker

By Mattie McAlavy She isn't aptly named. Summer the season is heat, heat, heat and dappled skin and sweat and laughter on a breeze. Popsicles melting, sweet tea sweating, heavy green boughs sighing in the sun. A feeling. Summer (the) Baker is "dynamite with a laser beam" - pinpoint-direct and molten and focused, focused 'chaos.' … Continue reading Mattie McAlavy: On S.G. Baker

Deborah Elliott-Upton: On S.G. Baker

By Deborah Elliott-Upton You know the one. There's always one in the classroom. Six or sixteen and going on thirty, it doesn't matter. She's got something. Summer's the one who appears wide-eyed, looking innocent, yet you can just tell her brain is spinning inside with a thousand questions. Only some of them you know, but … Continue reading Deborah Elliott-Upton: On S.G. Baker