Spooktober 2022 Day 31: Reap

Our last day of sunlight dawned and faded almost at once as you reaped the final drop of ripened energy from our sun. We could do nothing to stop you. Your strange, mercurial ship flew circles around our, by comparison, primitive technology. All without needing to pause your theft.

Spooktober 2022 Day 27: Teeth

Life for everyone changed forever the day my teeth broke your skin. 

But it was bite, or be bitten. 

And your bite had the power to make me one of you. A rotting, shambling corpse. Someone else’s teeth had already transmitted a curse to you. A curse which drove you to pay it forward when you’d cornered me in that storage shed.

Spooktober 2022 Day 25: Storm

Your storm windows stood no chance of protecting you, even though you’d had them specially made from steel. Readying for the storm you knew would come. 

I watched you install them. And you felt me watching, I know. You prepared and I lurked. Waiting for atmospheric turbulence. Wind shear. Moisture. 

Cold air aloft.