Jeffrey Schiller: On Martin Jacobsen

By Jeffrey Schiller

What is the difference between Rock and Metal? Mental refinement–something like properly aged wine that comes with hard work, but sold at a reasonable price. The manifestation of that complex emotional ore vein hammered into something intelligent walks into the room. Pocket protector fully stocked. Too many keys swing from his belt loop. Kind eyes smile out from behind thin framed glasses floating above a beard of mostly gray. 70% of what he says makes sense, but the other 30% feels, looks, smells and sounds like a psychedelic trip into the encyclopedia Britannica. You feel smarter and dumber at the same time. It’s comfortable and inviting. Intimidating and inspiring. You can hear the waves crashing in his past. His triumphs over tribulation are listed in his prideless confidence. He is a friend and you can’t help but be happy about that, because friends like this are priceless.

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